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850 mg, 500 mg

Active Ingredient: Metformin



Generic Metfirex


Class of medication


Common Side Effects

Confusion / Nervousness / Discoloration of the fingernails or toenails / General feeling of discomfort / Coma / Painful or difficult urination / Depression /

Used for

Insulin Resistance Syndrome

Diabetes, Type 3c

Female Infertility

Information about

  • Patients should talk to their doctor and pharmacist about other risks of metformin.
  • Do not stop taking metformin without talking to your doctor.
  • If you take too many metformin tablets by accident, contact your doctor or hospital straight away.
  • Many of the lesser symptoms of metformin can be relieved by taking the medication with food.


  • The medicine should be taken for as short a time as possible.
  • When Relafen is combined with Sandimmune the risk of kidney damage may be increased.
  • It appears no dosage adjustment of Aggrenox is needed in patients with mild to moderate hepatic insufficiency.
  • If more than 1 hour has passed, skip the missed dose and take only the next regularly scheduled dose.
  • If you remember at or near the time that the next dose is due, just give your child the usual dose.


  • Do not use this medicine after the expiry date.
  • May cause peripheral edema and fluid retention.
  • This medication may cause bladder pain, painful or difficult urination, or increased frequency of urination.
  • Older adults may be at greater prescribe for side effects such as low blood sugar or Metfirex acidosis.
  • Do not remove the label on the bottle.
  • But metformin does work, and it works fast, nearly from the first pill.
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Do not take your medicine Metfirex treat any other complaints unless your doctor or pharmacist tells you to. Metformin helps the body to control blood sugar in several ways. When taken alone, Metformin is unlikely to cause hypoglycemia or weight gain, but For this taken in conjunction with insulin or a sulfonylurea both of these Metfirex effects are more likely.




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